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About Us

About the organization

Single Parent Services is a development between Link House and Birthright (Waikato) Te Whanautanga Tika Charitable Trusts.  Through these services, you will find all the services of both organisations that you can access.   People who are managing a family on their own are often juggling a lot of different things so we want to make things as easy to follow as possible.  One set of services is easier for you, than two!

Our goals remain the same – we want an empowered community in which you are valued for the work that you’re doing, and we want a community in which families led by one parent can thrive as powerfully as any other.  To this end we offer a number of services, and we’re very keen on working with you to make things happen.

If you have a great idea to connect families led by one parent to each other, or to link in to other families then let us know.  In the past we have had parent-run easter egg making, craft groups, play groups and walking groups.  Decide what you want to contribute and we’ll get in behind you.


Our history

Birthright Waikato has been operating in Hamilton since 1958 and is one of the oldest community based social service groups operating in the area.  Birthright has always had single parent families at its core and has been very vocal on the issues facing families who are parenting alone.  These issues have not changed, substantially, although the numbers of families who go through times of being led by one parent have increased in the last decade.

Established in 1981 Link House Agency provided a community-based safety net for single parent families living in Hamilton.  The services provided have increased over recent years.  Research suggests that the support that the agency provides during this time of adjustment and transition is successful and allows parents and children to develop strategies for safety, good communication and healthy relationships.

Clients appreciate the services that the Agency provides, acknowledging that it functions as a back-up to their usual support networks.


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