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Feedback and Evaluations

We always appreciate receiving your feedback, suggestions, criticisms and hugs. It helps us develop new service ideas and ensure that our services are accessible to all people parenting alone, young people and children. Copy and paste the following link...


13 Reasons Why.

We are aware that some young people are watching the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why which is now showing a second season. The Mental Health Foundation has released some guidelines for parents that provide information in regard to discussing the graphic...


Summer Holiday Contact Information.

We are closed to the public from Wednesday 20 December at 4pm and re-open Monday 15 January at 10am.


Children/Youth Counsellor – Job Advertisement

We have created an additional twenty hour per week position in our fabulous agency. This position is responsible for providing professional counselling services for children and young people. The position would suit a person who is friendly, organised and...


Parenting in Sickness, Health and Poverty.

As a single parent who worked at paid employment the thing I dreaded most was my kids getting sick and then needing to prove they were sick to my employer.  The only way I could prove that a kid...



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