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13 Reasons Why.

We are aware that some young people are watching the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why which is now showing a second season. The Mental Health Foundation has released some guidelines for parents that provide information in regard to discussing the graphic...


Learning self defence a key step in building confidence

Vanessa* (name changed) was twenty eight when her ex partner knocked on her door and demanded to see her and their son.  Once inside, he threatened them both loudly.  Vanessa remembers being really frightened for herself and her son...

Marriage truth

The Day I Told the Ugly Truth About My Marriage

By:  Lisa Genova Last summer, I attended a birthday party with my 3- and 6-year-old for my friend Lucie’s daughter. The party was held at the Heritage Museums & Gardens, over 100 lush acres of green, sweeping lawns, blooming...


The Easy Way Out

Source: The Huffington Post I never wanted to get a divorce. I wanted my husband to hear and see me. I wanted us to find a way back to connection and kindness. It, unfortunately, didn’t go that way. My...


5 Single Parent Dating Tips

Source: The Huffington Post Being a single parent isn’t easy. There are countless challenges, one being finding the time to go on dates. So, when a single dad sent me email stating that he didn’t want to “waste time”...



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