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Feedback and Evaluations

We always appreciate receiving your feedback, suggestions, criticisms and hugs. It helps us develop new service ideas and ensure that our services are accessible to all people parenting alone, young people and children. Copy and paste the following link...


Raffle raises money for parenting roopu

Toitoi Manawa is the name of the group of people who meet every Wednesday in the lounge at Single Parent Services Waikato.   It is a cheerful group of women (and the occasional man) who meet to do a...


Major success getting funding

After a couple of years of effort, we have been successful in securing enough funding to develop a respite service for families that are parenting alone, and do not have respite available through family or other services.  This project...


Hard work and long hours pay off

It can be really easy to believe that there is no such thing as a free lunch when you are parenting alone, and it is true that not much comes the way of a single parent without a lot...


Learning self defence a key step in building confidence

Vanessa* (name changed) was twenty eight when her ex partner knocked on her door and demanded to see her and their son.  Once inside, he threatened them both loudly.  Vanessa remembers being really frightened for herself and her son...


Children ‘no less happy in single-parent homes’ – Study

Source: The Independant Children raised by a single parent are no less happy than those living with two biological parents, a study has found. Researchers from NatCen Social Research found family composition has “no significant effect” on the happiness...


New Joint Project by Link House and Birthright Waikato

In April this year, Single Parent Services Waikato was launched.  It is the name we have given to the joint project of Link House and Birthright Waikato, and we are very proud of what we can offer through this...


Self defence

6 women participated in a self defense course run by Single Parent Services in Huntly last week.  Violence statistics in New Zealand make for very uncomfortable reading which might be why they are seldom published or discussed. Who would...


Family Camp

Taking time out to holiday with your children is not an easy task for families that are led by one parent.  Not only are holidays invariably expensive and too hard to manage on a limited budget, they also don’t...



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