Family Camp

Taking time out to holiday with your children is not an easy task for families that are led by one parent.  Not only are holidays invariably expensive and too hard to manage on a limited budget, they also don’t feel much like a break, especially if you still have to do all the parenting and cook all the meals.  Giving families the chance to have a holiday and play together was the rationale for the family camp this year, held at Raglan Kopua Holiday Park.  10 families participated in this camp and all costs were covered by a very generous donation from the Gallagher Fund.  9 mums and 1 dad were given the chance to relax, with food catered by the camp.  The families enjoyed the sun, swimming and various activities that we arranged, including pizza-making, weaving and floundering.  We believe that everyone deserves to enjoy parenting and sometimes the way to make this happen is to have regular times when you can just relax.