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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there anywhere I can get financial support for uniforms and other school expenses?

Yes, we can assist with school uniforms, shoes, camps and other school expenses for families registered and currently engaged with our service via our resource social worker. If you are already seeing a social worker or counsellor here, please ask them to refer you to the resource worker. If you are new to our service you can talk with the intake worker about this in your first phone call or conversation.

Where can I access budgeting support?

We provide budgeting and financial advice for our single parent whanau. If you are already seeing a counsellor or social worker here, please ask them to refer you to the budgeting/financial service. If you are new you can talk with the intake worker about this in your first phone call or conversation.

What happens when I call the service?

You are personally greeted by one of the staff who will assist you with your queries and direct you to any part of the service you require. If no one is available to take your call you are able to leave a message and someone will call you back as soon as we can.

Can I just drop in to chat?

Of course you can. You are more than welcome to drop in and chat, and to help yourself to tea, coffee or milo and snacks if these are available. We also encourage new visitors to become familiar with the agency by browsing pamphlets and booklets about the services we provide.

Can I get some support with going to see Work and Income?

Yes, social workers can provide support and advocacy when attending Work and Income appointments with you, or on your behalf.

I am worried about my child’s behaviour after they come back from seeing the other parent, what should I do?

Depending on the age of the child we would explore different strategies to help the family adjust to changes. Our counsellors are able to provide resources and connect you with programmes for parents going through separation.

Will the social worker report me to Oranga Tamariki?

Social workers have a mandate to adhere to child paramountcy which means if they believe a child is being abused or neglected, a report of concern must be made to Oranga Tamariki. This is a very rare occurrence as any issues/concerns are usually able to be worked through collaboratively. We understand that the people who come to us come for support do so because they want to improve their lives for themselves and their children. We want to work with you.

I need some help with custody issues – can you help me?

Yes we can help. Social workers keep up to date with Family Law processes. By coming through Single Parent Services Waikato, clients are able to access free legal advice who will steer you through the processes. Some people who come to us already have a lawyer but don’t understand what’s going on or are not happy with what’s happening; in both of these cases the social worker can advocate, explain processes, or simply just be there alongside you to support you through what can be a very stressful situation. Other people simply just have no idea where to start as the legal processes can be quite daunting.

My counsellor/social worker is still a student. How can I know they will do a good job?

The students here are mature people in their final years of study, many of whom have past careers, families and children of their own. They come from all walks of life, with a wide range of life experiences, better equipping them to understand your issues/difficulties. Our students go through a rigorous selection process and are supervised and supported right throughout their time at the agency.

What will my counsellor do in the first session?

The first session is a chance to make connections, by way of introductions. Your counsellor will attend to agency housekeeping matters, explain the counselling process and begin to collect some basic information from you. During this session, your counsellor will allow time for you to discuss the circumstances that brought you to our agency seeking support.

When are you closing and opening over summer?

We close for a three weeks over the Christmas holiday period. The dates will be posted on our Facebook page and this website at the time.

Where can I get support if you are closed?

There are a number of places you can still get support from over the summer break.  These include:

Child Youth and Families – Freephone 0508326459

Victim Support Helpline – 0800842846

Domestic Violence Support – 078551569

Lifeline – 0800543354

Webhealth Navigation Service – 0800932432

Youthline – 0800376633

Youthline Free Text Service – Free Text 234

Healthline – 0800611116

Citizens’ Advice Bureau – 0800367222

Night Shelter-Men’s & Women – 078397480

Drug & Alcohol Helpline – 0800787797

Action Family Violence – 0800456450

Mental Health CAT – 0800505050

Salvation Army – 078347000

Central Baptist Church Christmas Lunch – $3 – 078380375

What do I do when the other parent wants to see the children and we have not figured out a parenting agreement yet?

Depending on any safety issues involved  and providing there is no protection order in process, then it is good for children to have contact with their parent as soon as can be arranged.  

If you are unable to meet one another and exchange the children, make arrangements with mutual friends and whānau to be safe pick-up and drop off homes.

The Ministry of Justice has some helpful resources that support you to develop your own parenting agreements, follow this link for more information: or call  0800227433.   

You should seek advice before agreeing to either an interim or permanent parenting arrangement.  Single Parent Services Waikato have lawyers available to advise you, please phone 0800457146 to make a booking.

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