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How You Can Help

Christmas Presents

Every year we distribute Christmas presents and food to families who otherwise struggle to get these together for their children. We can only do this because people like you give us presents and food to pass forward. This distribution of presents from us to the families happens in early December so that parents can know what they will be giving their children and can plan and budget accordingly, for extras, or for food. If you would like to donate either funds or presents to support this, please drop presents off to us by the end of November, or donate now with the reference Christmas.

Current Projects

One of our projects in 2017 is Ko Wai Au.  This is a workshop that helps participants build an understanding of what self esteem is while developing strategies to practice and maintain self esteem. The workshops are presented in Hamilton and surrounding areas such as Huntly, Cambridge, Tokoroa and Te Awamutu. You can donate to this project by pressing ‘Donate Now’ with the reference Ko Wai Au.

Friends of Single Parent Services

Our two parent services, Link House and Birthright Waikato, are funded by philanthropic trusts and government. This funding has outcomes attached to it. However, we often want to put in place solutions and try things that are hard to find funding for – our self esteem groups are one example of this. By making regular donations as a Friend of Single Parent Services, you contribute to our ongoing existence and our freedom to move quickly and respond to needs in our community as they arise. If you would like to contribute as a Friend, please click on ‘Donate Now’ with the reference ‘Friend’

Getting The Message Out

Society has all sorts of myths about ‘solo mums’ that make our work much harder. We’d love to come and explode some of these myths with any group you are involved in. We talk with Rotary clubs, women’s groups, student groups and community groups – give us a call on 078391051 and talk to Rebecca if you would like to hear more about the issues facing families led by one parent.

Fortnightly Workshops

We run fortnightly workshops during term time.  These workshops aim to provide information and practical day to day skills on a variety of topics such as keeping your home warm on a tight budget or helping fathers parenting alone have conversations about menstruation with their daughters. Koha is welcomed at all of the workshops as are financial donations.  To support these workshops press the ‘Donate Now’ and reference ‘Workshops’.

Paying Forward

We accept donations of food, quality children’s clothing, pushchairs, safety seats, curtains, quality bedding, knitwear, nappies and sanitary products. These items are made available to families we are working with and are a practical way of helping out especially when families are experiencing challenging circumstances. Donated good can be delivered to our offices at 2 Dawson Street, Hamilton East.


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