If it all turns to custard over summer

The days before Christmas and New Year can be really hard for people, and it is also the time when we are closed, as are many other agencies.  We are closing on the 18th December and opening again on the 18th January.  In the meantime, you can get support from a number of different places.  These include:

Child Youth and Families – Freephone 0508326459

Victim Support Helpline – 0800842846

Domestic Violence Support – 078551569

Lifeline – 0800543354

Webhealth Navigation Service – 0800932432

Youthline – 0800376633

Youthline Free Text Service – Free Text 234

Healthline – 0800611116

Citizens’ Advice Bureau – 0800367222

Night Shelter-Men’s & Women – 078397480

Drug & Alcohol Helpline – 0800787797

Action Family Violence – 0800456450

Mental Health CAT – 0800505050

Salvation Army – 078347000

Central Baptist Church Christmas Lunch – $3 – 078380375

If you email us, we will respond on our return to work in January – so if you need something and it isn’t a crisis, this is one way to get in touch with us.  You could also leave a message on our phone.

We hope the summer break is restful and we look forward to seeing you in the new year.