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Ko Ahau Tēnei

Ko Ahau Tēnei

04 July 2018

Event Details

Ko Ahau Tēnei is a facilitated group discussion for young people aged 13-16 years of age.  This discussion utilises technology and social media in order to support intentional discussions on current issues and challenges for young people.  These have included social anxieties, relationships, boundary setting, self harm, suicide ideation, self esteem and identity.  What we have learned is that it is really important to have these discussions available for young people living with these challenges and equally important to have these conversations with friends and peers as well.  Ko Ahau Tēnei is available across the Waikato region, at our premises here in Kirikiriroa-Hamilton or by arrangement with High Schools, Alternative Education Centres and Private Training Institutions.


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