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Counselling For Adults

Counselling for Adults

A counsellor can help when you are feeling overwhelmed, stressed, anxious, traumatised, sad, unhappy, depressed or grief. It can really help to talk things through with someone else. Our counsellors are able to listen and help you and to ask the right questions and develop a pathway forward.

Many people come into counselling because something is just not working well in their lives and they want another perspective on it, or they want to work out ways of doing things differently. Counselling is a chance to work through these things in a safe, confidential environment.

Accessing our counselling service is easy, call our agency, we will take a few details and set up an appointment for your assessment discussion. From here a counsellor will contact you to set up your appointments.

There is a charge for our counselling services so that we can keep the service running. Sometimes people can get an allowance from Work & Income to cover the cost of counselling, and if you have experienced sexual abuse or sexual violence then ACC may cover the cost of your counselling. We subsidise the cost of counselling for single parents so you will only pay $15 per session. If this charge creates a barrier for you, have a discussion with your counsellor to make an arrangement.



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