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Counselling For Children and Young People

Counselling for Children and Young People.

This is a service we provide for children and young people in single parent families,  where family situations are in a period of change. We also work with young people who are displaying challenging behaviours, experiencing anxiety, self harm, identity and self esteem challenges. Our trained counsellors will work with your young person in ways that are appropriate to their age.

For a young child (aged 7+) this work will often be a form of play therapy. The counsellor will spend time with your child engaged in playful activities and will observe their behaviour. This therapy requires an ongoing relationship with you as well, as you and the therapist work together to support the positive development of your child.

A youth (12+) will often respond more to talking and the therapist will engage them more in being able to verbalise their feelings. This can be really important for young people who have been through family change.

For all counselling with children, it is a really good idea for you to engage in counselling as well. This way, you can ensure that your changes in parenting and managing your child are also mirroring the work they are doing on themselves.



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