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Social Work


Social Work

Social workers are for practical support. Whether your family is struggling with finding appropriate housing, navigating your way through different or changing benefit entitlements, negotiating with a school about entitlements for your child or working your way through the courts or any other systems that seem confusing, a social worker can help this make sense and lend a bit of a helping hand or a pointer in the right direction.

You might want to spend time working one-on-one with a social worker to address the particular things your family is facing, or you might want to follow a ‘Strengthening Families’ approach, which means we can work together with a number of different agencies to make sure there is a comprehensive plan in place for your family, and that everyone is doing their part. Our social workers will talk to you about your options.

There is no cost for the social work service and it is only available to families that are parented by one person.


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